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Slim fit, tough, durable, and made to last you in good and bad weathers, these biker jackets can truly be a man’s best friend. Crafted carefully with perfection, using genuine lambskin leather, they will fit you as snugly as second skin.

Have a hit-and-miss style in winter season? Never go amiss again with these jackets. No matter what apparel you might be donning, these rugged biker jackets immediately lend your appearance a class and elegance, within a moment. Be the star of the night and look as if you spent the evening preparing with these no-hassle and no-fuss biker jackets.

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Mens Genuine Leather Biker Jackets

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Emiliano – Men’s Genuine Leather Reefer Jacket
$ 165.99 $236.00

If you just go by its name, has there ever been a classier name than Emiliano? Living up to its name, this men’s genuine leather reefer jacket with its lapel collar make you stand out from others. Got a good first impression to make on someone? Nail it with this style bomb. This upscale and dressy jacket will totally show you what it feels to look and move ‘like a boss’!

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Giorgio – Genuine Biker leather jacket for men
$ 169.99 $240.00

Wanna look gorgeous? Let Giorgio be your answer. It is as classy as you want to be and as rugged as the biker leather jacket should be. Totally hot and cool at the same time let Giorgio give a new meaning to the word jacket. The jacket has classic Brando design and lapel collar. Feel like a fashionista model when you step out there. Set a classy impression with your new jacket.

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Giraldo – Genuine Biker leather jacket for men
$ 179.99 $250.00

Can it get even classier than this? We don’t think so too! This Biker leather jacket for men is the ultimate fashion piece anyone can get! Where do we even being about this classic piece. Its classic Brando design, lapel collar and most of all its sleek and polished look make it look like no other. When you are wearing this jacket, rest assured that even the walk down the street may feel like a walk down the fashion runway.

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Italo – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 179.99 $234.00

The leather biker jacket to give you an unmatchable style is here. Have an up-to-the-minute look with the charming Italo! Soft, smooth with a design having lapel collar and four front pockets, this one is a timeless classic and a must have for your everyday street style. Seasons change, but style doesn’t and this leather jacket is one fashion apparel that will never fade style-wise, making you look even your best when you are casually dressed.

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Jovanni – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 164.99 $225.00

Glossy black, satin smooth, this black beauty is one that you don’t want to miss. As the jacket falls seamlessly over you, you are left truly admiring what a stunner this Biker jacket is. With its short stand collar, zipped cuffs and the quilted shoulders, other jackets don’t stand a chance against Jovanni. Strut a confident walk with this charmer and be the attention grabber. You will have people asking you where you got it!

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Leonardo – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 154.99 $225.00

They say never go just by looks but never has this been more wrong than now! This classy brown leather biker jacket will be your first love when you set your eyes on it. With its classic design and zipped cuffs, this jacket will leave a blazing, first impression whenever you wear it. Genuine lambskin leather only adds to the elegance of this jacket. This jacket is totally a steal!

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Leone – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 159.99 $220.00

Crisp, neat and smartly cut, this genuine lambskin Biker leather jacket for men is all tough and sophisticated. Wreak havoc wherever you go with this bomb of a jacket. Simple yet stylish, never look the same old attire in winters ever again! Warm up your winters with this sizzling jacket. The only con, you say? You would have a love-hate relationship with this jacket for it getting more attention than you wherever you go!

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Lucio – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 159.99 $230.00

Never has a lazy day in the sun felt more happening and buzzing than with Lucio. Even your daily walk for the errands will become a fashion walk when you wear this leather biker jacket. Designed with genuine lambskin leather, Lucio does not fail in its looks! It comes complete with a shirt collar and a front button closure to give you a mod and stellar look. This jacket will quickly become an essential part of your winter wardrobe, without which you might not want to step outside.

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Marino – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 159.99 $225.00

When you set your eyes on Marino leather biker jacket, you know this is what your next style statement is going to look like! Its casual brown color and soft falls from the Genuine lambskin leather are what make the jacket oh-so-charming yet causal and laid back. Marino is where all things cool and happening are taking place. Feel like being easygoing yet appearing stylish and chic? Then let Marino be there for making you look very classy.

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Nevio – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 159.99 $230.00

Take it from us. Once you go out donning this jacket, you will have people asking you where you got it! This masterpiece is a black biker leather jacket is a class in its own. Crafted from genuine lambskin leather, it is soft to touch and amazing in feel. Its sharp, clean design is what makes it a true biker jacket by making you appear cool, rugged and to-the-minute, all at the same time.

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Orfeo – Biker leather jacket for men
$ 159.99 $220.00

Have an instant style makeover with the killer Orfeo leather biker jacket. Soft and supple, this genuine lambskin leather jacket has been exquisitely designed to amp your the cool factor! It comes with a shirt collar. But what sets it apart from other jackets is those two extra pockets on each arms, which give it a distinguished look. Be ready to stand out and stand tall when you wear this jacket for a night out with friends.

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